“If you are interested in building or re-modelling your home, we would highly recommend Bayview Homes. They are highly knowledgeable, from the first steps to the finishing steps.  They totally looked after our renovations, taking care of all the permits with the town, hiring and working with an engineer, and of course dealing with all the sub contractors.

From the first day we met them we knew we were dealing with honest people who would not do anything but the best for us!  Their sincere personalities shine.  Their quotes are fair and on the whole came in on target for the estimate they gave us (not counting the changes we seemed to make – always wanting a little more).

One of the first things that impressed us was the cleanliness they always kept the work site.  Every day they never left at the end of the day without leaving a clean and neat work place.  That says a lot to us for the complete job.

We were able to go away for six months and return to a beautiful, complete job without one disappointment.  We were in contact with them at all times and could make decisions that were necessary on the telephone.  The workmanship is second to none.  Even when people have come into our home, the first thing they notice is the excellent craftsmanship.

On a decorating note, they recommended Brenda at BJ Design, who worked hand in hand with them and us making all the necessary decisions of every detail.  I would definitely recommend hiring her to help you with the minute details.

In any future renovations of our home, we would not even consider looking anywhere else to do the job!”

The Fishers, Sicamous, B.C.

“We contracted Bayview Fine Homes of Sicamous to build our dream retirement home. After selling our house in Kelowna, we were ready to build just as the second wave of the pandemic was ramping up. Despite this, Bayview was able to secure all the trades and suppliers at each stage of the build. The quality of the products and workmanship was second to none. We were welcomed and encouraged to visit the site at any time during construction, which made us feel as if we were part of the build. Any questions were pleasantly addressed and suggestions offered, all while our vision was kept at the forefront. The suppliers of all interior finishings were professional, informative and knowledgeable. They made what could have been a daunting and stressful experience both fun and easy. The professionalism of the contractors was on full display at all times over the course of the build. We are extremely proud to have had Bayview build our home. The final result is beyond what we imagined, and the quality is unbeatable! Special thanks to all of the Bayview gang, and their tradesmen, contractors and suppliers! Thank you!”

The Buchanans, Sicamous, B.C.